Convert phptimeseries to text

Hello community

I would like to back up my emoncms data in a human readable format on the server. I have several PHPTIMESERIES feeds. Is there a tool for converting these to human readable data on the server? There is an export function in the GUI so somehow this seems to be possible.

Is the export not what you are looking for? It does output in human readable format. The output is a CSV file and that CSV file can be read with a text editor or something like MS Excel.

Yes, but I’d like to do the backup in a cron job on server side automatically.

For information - The GUI export uses calls of form
(Taken from comments in the code)

 // Export multiple feeds on the same csv

To ‘see’ what export URLs are for you, complete the fields on the export form, disconnect your network (Flight mode on my laptop) and click [Export]. It will fail leaving the URL displayed.

I tried the above

and it worked as expected with one Feed ID. But you’ll probably need the API key for a cron. See the top section of this page:

Thanks for your replies. I will try that.