Conversion of EmonVs to three-phase

I thought I would start a thread here discussing the means to modify the recent EmonVs with the ZMPT101B to a three phase version with two more ZMPT101Bs. Does anybody know if it is just a matter of soldering them in, adding plugs and burden resistors ? I would imagine it is better to start a separate thread to consider what needs doing on the EmonTxV4 to read that data.

I have asked if a “Conversion Kit” will become available for those who already have the single-phase version, but I don’t think it’s been noticed yet. If I remember correctly, the proposal was that only the transformers themselves would be left off for the single-phase version.

Yes but noticing the difference between this 3-phase unit and this single phase one it seems there will be need for the fuses too. I guess that is it though. The rest needs to be handled by the TxV4, right?

And the MOVs. I did write “proposal” - I don’t think a decision has been made yet.