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Controlling an openEVSE using a Victron-based solar system, Node-Red and MQTT

I see others have posted their solar-to-EV charging solutions so here’s mine.

I have a Victron MultiPlus and MPPT and been using the Node-Red add-on in the Victron open source operating system (Venus OS v2.70~5-large-18) to control my openEVSE car charger via MQTT. It maximises the available power from the PV array to charge the car. When there isn’t enough power it will use what is stored in my BYD batteries and when they’re depleted it uses the mains. It is now stable enough that I have placed the json file and a brief explanation on GitHub (GitHub - thepaulcooper/victron-openEVSE: openEVSE controller for Victron PV / battery system).

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in JavaScript or Node-Red so I am sure there are more effective ways of coding what I have created. But it works and I am now charging my car from the sun


That’s great to hear @paulcooper thanks for sharing, Im sure @glyn.hudson would be interested to hear that you have this working.

It looks like the github repo is missing the json file or am I missing something?

Thanks @TrystanLea. The json file is in the Releases section as an asset. I will look at adding the code conventionally using git.