ControllerCircuit_cpl_jlc jumper positions missing


I tried to order a 4.4 board.
Because I want to put the controller on the wall with a protective window.
And to have a backup board in case I have troeble during firmware update.

Now I loaded the gerber, bom and cpl up to JLCPCB.
In the bom there are all parts.
But it seems the position datas in the cpl for the terminal blocks and jumpers are missing.
The result is only 28 parts are detected.

Because I do not want to solder to much on my own and do not want to order parts exept from JLCPCB
The plan was to order the board nearly complete. So that I only need to program.
In the moment I also do not need all parts of the board.
Do not need any relays, card reader, RS485 and some other stuff.
So I wanted during order select/deselct the parts I need or not need.

Unfortunately the terminal blocks and Jumper header are not to select.

Now I tried to open the project in KiCad.
But I do not get it managed to generate my own jlccpl file.

Any suggestions what to do? Or someone who has a complete cpl with all parts?

Best Regards

Ok. No one is able or wants to answer.

In the meantime I´m fighting with KiCad 6.
Was able to read in the project files.
And generated bom and pos files.

It seems all parts of the pcb are in the bom file.
In the cpl file the positions of the jumper parts are missing.
It seems thats the reason why the system does not identify these parts.

I try to install now a Jlcpcb plugin to my KiCad version.

OK. Does not work. Maybe its my machine.
Due to restrictions on this computer I´m only allowed to use portable versions. Grrrr
But I now understood the syntax of the cpl file.
I change the cpl tomorrow by hand. Hopefully this works…

OK. Seems it works with a cpl file which contains several part positions generated manually.
I will check tomorrow again.
But I have no real idea why I should add parts by manually soldering.
The parts are cheap at jlc. They solder it. Saves time and is clean.

Parts missing in the moment: RGB LED.
Parts deselected finally:
Zener Diode D4