Controller v4.6 + JKBMS

Hi Stuart, I’ve been searching forum for info about communication of Your controller board with JKBMS but didn’t seen answer I’m looking for.
As remeber saw a message that You were thinking to connect with JKBMS via BLE. Like everyone knows hardwire is best.
The one BMS I have has RS485 / CAN port + Bluetooth.
I was thinking to use Controller board v4.6 + shunt and “marry” it with JKBMS (as Your All-In-One). So all battery info can be downloaded from JKBMS and set ( in programed right). What is in plus for JKBMS ( for now ) vs Your AIO it has active balancing.
So have You implement maybe this BMS communication or need programing??

Future question ( if implemented) if possible to talk with more than 1 BMS where Tag can be SN of BMS as separate pack.

Thanks for answer.