Controller losing communication with Modules

hi all
i am having difficulties getting the controller communicating with modules when the charge is above 6.5A.
Below it is no issue and there are no packet losses and the communication is stable.
When I restart the controller, the com seems to work for a view packets before losing communication again.
Is this a cabling or interference problem?

Hi, sounds like an interference problem, have you used twisted cables for the communication cables. Are your power connections as short as possible? Do you have a photo of the setup?

I have the same issue, when the charger is above 10A I have no comms, once it starts to drop below 10A comms returns, I have had to learn to live with it,

All my cables are twisted, and the power to the module are only like 10cm long.

my setup looks similar, though not as neat as yours. Is there an option of shielded cables available? or shielding the modules in future build?
I see that Batrium has somehow a black layer finish on the modules (looks like rubber). Is this to shield the modules from interferences?

Thanks, Mat

That’s a nice clean install!

Can I ask what charger and inverter you are using?

Does the Comms stop completely, no green lights or does the green led get part way along the string?

Think that is just conformal coating to waterproof and keep the PCB from oxidizing. It may help with thermal dissipation and also stops you taking it apart!