Control other devices by Demandshaper

I have no devices supported by demandshaper, but I would like to use the power of demandshaper to control other devices in my openHAB installation.

I would like to publish ON or OFF via MQTT that openHAB can subscribe to. Like controlling a heat pump or a lamp by information from Nordpool.

Is this possible?

I think there are SONOFF emulators to fool demandshaper, but it feel more like a workaround.

Hello Anders, I’d be interested in some direction in how we could make this possible.

If you create a device via the emoncms inputs page and set it to have the smartplug device template (click on the cog icon and select OpenEnergyMonitor > Control > Smartplug ), that will create a device for you that should show up as a smartplug in the demandshaper.

You can then subscribe to the device under the MQTT emon/devicename topic, you might be able to get what you want to work that way.

It looked good until I found out that I need a token for Nord pool and that would cost me alot.
I think however your workaround can work. Best of all would be if it’s possible to simulate a power pump as that is what I try to control from my openHAB.

I found out that the Nordpool forecast in Demandshaper didn’t use Nordpool API directly. Instead it used Expektra API to get spotprice from Nordpool. So I’am back, and now getting forecasts from Expektra after a token request.

How do I log forecast and power consumption to see back in time if demandshaper did a good job?
Is it possible to also put energyprice or whole forecast on MQTT for my openHAB?

Hello @Ankan good to hear that you got this working. Should be straightforward to record the power consumption but there isn’t currently an easy mechanism to get the forecast out of the demandshaper and record it to a feed. You would probably need to script that separately Im afraid.