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Control other devices by Demandshaper

I have no devices supported by demandshaper, but I would like to use the power of demandshaper to control other devices in my openHAB installation.

I would like to publish ON or OFF via MQTT that openHAB can subscribe to. Like controlling a heat pump or a lamp by information from Nordpool.

Is this possible?

I think there are SONOFF emulators to fool demandshaper, but it feel more like a workaround.

Hello Anders, I’d be interested in some direction in how we could make this possible.

If you create a device via the emoncms inputs page and set it to have the smartplug device template (click on the cog icon and select OpenEnergyMonitor > Control > Smartplug ), that will create a device for you that should show up as a smartplug in the demandshaper.

You can then subscribe to the device under the MQTT emon/devicename topic, you might be able to get what you want to work that way.

It looked good until I found out that I need a token for Nord pool and that would cost me alot.
I think however your workaround can work. Best of all would be if it’s possible to simulate a power pump as that is what I try to control from my openHAB.