Connecting to AWS IOT

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(Simo101) #1


I just purchased an emonpi. I have managed to set up everything and configure the emoncms.

I now want to connect up the data to AWS IOT. I was wondering if anyone else in the community had done so and if so their approach?

I have looked into bridging the mosquitto MQTT topics to AWS IOT, but have yet to get this working.

What’s the best approach to getting this to work?


(Glyn Hudson) #2

Hi Simon,

This should be quite straightforward using nodeRED to forward all MQTT messages on the emon/ topic to AWS.

nodeRED should already be running on your emonPi on port 1880, see emonPi nodeRED user guide:

You may want to install the AWS noeRED module or you could use an MQTT / HTTP request to post to AWS

See emonPio nodeRED technical docs for how to install a nodeRED module on the emonPi, you will need to connect via SSH

I should add, I have not tested this nor do I have any experience with AWS!

(Simo101) #3

Thanks Glyn. I looked into Node red a bit but not in detail. I shall try out nodeRED and let everyone know my experience.

(Liam Givens) #4

Thanks for posting! Used this today to connect my emonPi to AWS IoT