Connecting diyBMS to Raspberry Pi

Hi, I am just getting started with diyBMS for a school project. Basically we are making a prototype of a remote sensing suite. A RPi4 is being used as our processing unit and we would like to connect the ESP8266 to the raspberry pi to report things like current voltage levels, current output, any other monitoring data that is available.
Has this been done before? What would the steps to do this look like?

Did you take this further?

Yes, the project is due next week, I just got the serial debug lines to send data to the RPi and I’m going to be working on parsing the data this week.
I was hoping to get the data through the micro USB, but apparently that UART line is being used for comms with the ATTiny so I’m just using the debug TX line.

Installing influxDB and Grafana on the Raspi is no option? DIYBMS has InfluxDB integration.


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