Connect another HP over MQTT with Elfin-EW11-WiFi to RS485

I’m working on a project to integrate a new heat pump model with Open Energy Monitor for data logging and analysis using MQTT.

Does anyone know in which file (if any) I can typically find settings related to the Modbus registry for different heat pump model?

Has anyone integrated a heat pump using MQTT with Open Energy Monitor? Are there any specific guides or resources I should be aware of for this approach?

Any advice on efficiently mapping the Modbus data points to corresponding data fields in Open Energy Monitor?

Often have to dig deep into the vendor documentation. Sometimes 3rd parties leak the modbus data in documentation where they have built things to integrate.

What manufacturer?

Daikin DCOM reference:
DCOM-LT-MB_reference and installation manual_English.pdf (495.0 KB)

If you send the data as a JSON string of key/value pairs (value must be numeric) to the emon base topic (by default) of the MQTT Broker emoncms is pointing to, then the data will just appear in the Inputs page of a local instance of emoncms.

You can do this for any numerical data from any source.