Connect a Shelly to Emoncms

Hello Haffle,
I’ve same problem.
Please could you share your setting on “Advvanced developer settings” and in your config files on emopi ?

Thank you for helping me


What problem, a Shelly trying to talk to the emonPi MQTT broker?

I’m trying to connect a Shelly HT to EmonCMS …but I’m not able… could you help me ?

I have moved this to a new Topic.

What have you tried?

I am not familiar with the Shelly data output format to MQTT. It needs to publish to a Topic something like emon/shelly1

You will need something to read the MQTT data and see what it is trying to send.

BTW did you do a search??? How to integrate Shelly 3EM in Emoncms local?

Thank you for helping me.

shelly output on MQTT is :

shellies/HT1/sensor/temperature 15.75
shellies/HT1/sensor/humidity 42.5
shellies/HT1/sensor/battery 100
shellies/HT1/sensor/ext_power false
shellies/HT1/sensor/error 0
shellies/HT1/sensor/act_reasons [“button”]

Only “HT1” could be change.

On Emoncms config I have try to add

    # emon/emontx/power1 format - use with Emoncms MQTT input
    nodevar_format_enable = 1
    nodevar_format_topic = shellies/

but it is not working…

I’m going to read tread about shelly 3M

OK, I understand that the right way is to use nodered.


This is the emonhub config, not the emoncms.

Yes it is the easiest way to translate the Topic name (just use a set node and a bit of JSONATA)

With right app was easy ! … now it works. Here how I setup node-red

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Did you send direct from the Shelly via the mqtt setting to node red or have to use an MQTT server then on to node red?

@Ardmhacha24 You now have 2 topics asking the same questions - please do not. I have started a new thread for you.