Confusing diagram of RJ45

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(Dave Howorth) #1

I don’t understand the diagram attempting to show the RJ45 pinout on (i.e. )

It shows an RJ45 and labels the pins 1-8; fine so far. Alongside it lists nine descriptions, with no obvious correspondence to the pins. What does it mean?

It also seems odd that I can’t create a discussion page in which to ask this question? If that is policy, then an explanation of what the policy is would be useful at the point it is encountered.

(Robert Wall) #2

I can’t answer about policy - that’s for @glyn.hudson or @TrystanLea to explain.

I agree that diagram is not clear. I always look at the full circuit diagram.
The pins are
1 - GND
2 - +3.3V out
3 - GND
4 - D5 - One wire data
5 - GND
6 - D3 - IRQ1 (Pulse input)
7 - +5V in or out
8 - ADC6 / D20

@glyn.hudson - Can you verify that D3 is capable of 5/12 V in? I don’t believe that, because it goes straight into the ATMega 328, and the max input voltage on that is VCC + 0.6 V. That diagram needs redrawing.