Confused with Virtual Feeds

Sometime ago I created a Virtual Feed on my emonPi that shows the approx cost of the Power used today, it takes my feed for kWh/d and multiplies it by a given cost. Now I’m try to re-create this on another emonPi but I can’t seem to find how I did it previously.

On the original it looks like


but on my other emon Pi if I try to create a new Virtual Feed it only shows as:


and I cannot add any processing.

What am I doing wrong ?

I have looked at all the various installed software components and they seem to the be same on both emonPi devices:

You need to create a virtual feed, whereas the one you have there is MySQL. Be sure to select the VIRTUAL feed engine when creating the feed.


That is exactly what I did, but it still comes up as MYSQL



and that happens on both emonPi’s

That is odd.

The only think I can think of is to check the Feed engine settings in settings.ini, and make sure that 7 (VIRTUAL) is not hidden:

; Feed settings
; Supported engines. List engines by id to disable feed creation.
; Existing feeds with a hidden engine still work
engines_hidden = [0,8,10]

Failing that, are there any log messages that seem relevant?

Settings.ini has:

engines_hidden = [0,6,10]

Which log ?

If I use another emonPi that happens to be using older versions of software:

When I go to add a Virtual Feed I get


Clicking Save works and I get a Virtual Feed that I can then do the Processing list on.

Virtual feed creation seems to be working fine for me here on 11.0.7 on an emonPi. I wonder if there might be a browser cache issue? could you try doing a full page refresh on the feeds list page to see if that fixes the issue?

Having just updated the emonPi (at home) that was running 10.8.5 (to all the crrent stable versions of code) I had the same issue in Chrome Browser, but not with Opera Browser, However Ctrl-F5 seems to have resolved it - I will check again next week when I’m back where the other devices are located.

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Thanks - that has resolved it.

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Great to hear!