Configuring the Node-red wunderground flow

I’m having issues configuring (or understanding how to configure) the pre-installed wunderground flow in node-red.
I’ve modified the wunderground node to pull data for my location. Through debug, I can see that works.
However the MQTT node is showing as “disconnected”, and I don’t quite understand why…

Also, I cannot seem to find how I can then use the data (once connected correctly). Will the data appear as a new input into EmonCMS?

Answering my own question:
The password pre-set for the MQTT broker is incorrect (does not correspond to pre-configured password for MQTT)
Resetting the password to the one in Service Credentials - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor and then deploying the flow worked!

(For future use)
Once that’s working correctly, a new input will appear, called “weather”, which will contain the data