Configuring "send email process"?

Is there a guide how the “send email process” is set up working ?

At least the below seems to work, but its linking to a detached swiftmailer git HEAD… also it took quite some time to figure out so wondering if there is an easier to find way ?

  1. Install swiftmailer:

git -C /opt/emoncms/modules clone -b ‘v5.4.8’ --single-branch GitHub - swiftmailer/swiftmailer: Comprehensive mailing tools for PHP

  1. Then add the following with your own email server info to the end of the /var/www/emoncms/settings.ini

; Email address to email proccessed input values
default_emailto = ‘’

host = “”
; 25, 465, 587
port = “”
from_email = ‘’
from_name = ‘’
; Comment lines below that dont apply
; ssl, tls
encryption = “”
username = “”
password = “”

Hello @PetriK as far as Im aware (from the last time I tested this) the steps should just be:

git -C /opt/emoncms/modules clone -b 'v5.4.8' --single-branch 

and then to copy the SMTP settings section from default-settings.ini to settings.ini and amend as necessary.

It’s correct that this is a detached head or old version of swiftmailer. It is the latest version that works with the current version of the class api in emoncms.