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Configuring a GPIO LCD

Hi. I’m running emonSD on an old R Pi 2 with some add-on boards and it basically seems to work OK (the web and ssh interfaces seem to work), but EmonPiLCD doesn’t run and my LCD display is blank. I think it’s expecting an I2C LCD display but mine is connected to GPIO pins without I2C. I have working configuration details from an old img saved but cannot understand how to tell emonPiLCD.cfg (or otherwise) that the display is not I2C and how it’s wired up.

Is there any simple way to do this, should I try to extend the, or will that be a bundle of pain so I’d be better off ignoring it and writing something standalone using RPLCD?

I’ve also got some pushbuttons, relays and I think a temperature sensor wired up to GPIO pins if anyone would like to point me at ways to use them.

Many thanks for any thoughts!