Config via serial +++ not working


I am connecting a programmer I bought from the shop, to an emonTX so I can change the node id by following this video

I have tried this on my mac and PC, both the same outcome. When I type +++ nothing happens.

On my mac, I installed the driver (the one linked in the shop), then typed in terminal:

screen /dev/tty.SLAB_USBtoUART 115200

I am seeing the text from the emonTX just fine, but +++ does nothing at all so I tried on my PC, I again installed the driver, opened up putty and selected serial, my comport, and 115200 as baud rate, again I could read the text fine, but +++ did nothing.

I read around on the forum and a few people mentioned dodgy USB cables, so I tried another cable and another emonTX, same problem.

Am I missing something?

Ah, got it working! had to just install platformIO…