Config Feeds to use My Solar app

Hey Guys,

I’m using emoncms 9.9.8 and trying to config the Solar AP in order to see the usage\import of power coming from my solar panels versus grid consumption. I have followed this guide Solar PV - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor and used Type 2 system and I’m afraid, I can’t have the app select boxes showing the right feeds in order to select the proper values. Before shating some screenshots, some info from my config:

Node bhpzem-004T-1540809 - is a power metter which is logging the inverter power injection on home grid; (so would be CT2 under the guide)

Node bhpzemSolarPower - is a power metter that is on the main house board, that detects signal inversion (- value when exporting energy to the grid):

My inputs look like:

My feeds look like:

Now, when I jump into the “Apps” to build “My Solar” app, the select boxes, don’t show the feeds that I just created before. As we can se below, just two feeds are available:

Can someone tell me, if I’m doing somethiing wrong here?

Thank you in advance,
Paulo Azevedo

OK folks,

seems I understand what I was doing wrong. With help of Feed API, I created manually one, using the JSON GET request and noticed, if the feed name was equal, then it will appear on the app feed select box. Now, when you create the feed manually using the instructions, if we don’t add the name and keep the reference of the name coming from the input, it will not show:

The Arg collumn shows the difference from my previous post, for instance use:use instead use: bhpzemSolarPower:potencia

With the right names, I’m able now to play correctly with the My Solar app :slight_smile: