Conditional Formatting of Feedvalue widget

Is there a way to change the format of the feedvalue displayed depending on its value? For example I would like to display in green when the value is positive and in red when the value is negative.

unfortunately not sorry, its a nice idea though!

I did try putting some html code in the prepend and append text fields and had some success in formatting the text. I thought some conditional html that used an /input/get/ api call result to set the font colour in the prepend text field might work however I don’t have the html skills (yet) to give this a try. I assume from your reply that this is not worth pursuing?

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Im not against the idea, its just that I cant personally work on it right now due to already having a full plate :slight_smile:

I’ve created a github issue with your suggestion here for future reference:
Conditional Formatting of Feedvalue widget · Issue #246 · emoncms/dashboard · GitHub

Thank you.

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