Completely wipe EmonCMS data, inputs, and feeds

I spent a solid hour trying to figure this out, and wanted to drop a note here to explain what I had to do in order to wipe EmonCMS and start from scratch after somehow creating myself a couple of undeletable input nodes.

  • log out of the EmonCMS web gui

  • dropped all tables in the MySQL database

  • execute the following as root

    cd /var/lib/
    rm phpf*/*
    redis-cli flushall
    service apache2 restart
    mkdir phpfina phpfiwa

  • now and only now is it safe to re-register / log back in

  • probably dropping all tables is overkill – it might have sufficed in my case to have deleted the input table, so long as Redis was flushed afterwards.

This issue is addressed in the FAQ section.
Flushing the Redis cache is the key to getting rid of the unwanted inputs.

With respect, Bill, I searched the forum extensively over the past hour and did not find anything matching any of the many keywords I tried. I also explored every item on the top bar, and did not ever stumble across a FAQ, either directly from the top bar, or on the front page of the “Getting Started” forum category. I used the forum search function to search on the words “FAQ” and “Frequently” and did not find any FAQ, let alone one that addressed my question.

If you feel that my content is addressed elsewhere, please provide a link so that others can learn a better lesson from my error than “don’t post because you’ll get slapped down.”

if you search for FAQ then scroll all the way to the bottom of the results, there it is…