Compiled NODE V16 for Allwinner A20/A3x/H3/R40 cpu and openwrt

Hi there I compiled some Node packages for openwrt devices that are using Allwinner A20/A3x/H3/R40 CPUs .
Since the newer version of openwrt 22.03.0 supports my device again ( openwrt 21 did not support my network switch on my device ) . I thought I recompile NODE for it using the newer zigbee2mqtt. and take advantage of domoticz 2021 in the newest openwrt .
I will slowly add the other node packages to the repository as it probably take a couple days to compile them all…
if you are only looking for zigbee2mqtt then you need to install node, npm, bufferutil, utf-8-validate, and then zigbee2mqtt ( plus install kmod-usb-acm via openwrt software manager) - tested and working properly on my BPI R1 (allwiner A20 cpu)
if not familiar with openwrt
simply scp the node files to the openwrt device- I usually have them all in a folder called node

scp -r node [email protected]:/root

then ssh into openwrt

 ssh [email protected]

cd into the folder called node

then update the package list for openwrt

opkg update

then install then node packages you want

opkg install node_v16.18.0-1_arm_cortex-a7_neon-vfpv4.ipk

opkg install node-npm_v16.18.0-1_arm_cortex-a7_neon-vfpv4.ipk

opkg install node-utf-8-validate_5.0.9-1_arm_cortex-a7_neon-vfpv4.ipk
opkg install node-bufferutil_4.0.6-1_arm_cortex-a7_neon-vfpv4.ipk

opkg install node-zigbee2mqtt_1.28.0-1_arm_cortex-a7_neon-vfpv4.ipk

opkg install kmod-usb-acm 

then you can cd to /opt/zigbee2mqtt and type

npm start 

to see if you have any boot errors for zigbee2mqtt

okay good luck have fun