Compatible Kamstrup heat and Carlo Gavazzi electricity meters?


Considering this Monitor as soon as possible - but I have some hardware, but do not know if they will fit Emoncms?

I have a Kamstrup 303WA0212

And a Carlo Gavazzi EM340

I also have a Pi 3 B+ (If I remember correctly)

Are the above compatible and can be used?

The EM340 is placed 15 meters from my Heatpump - is that a problem and which cable is recommended.

(Getting closer…)



Both these meters are available with M-BUS or modbus communication options, however this is an option and not standard. You’ll need to check your full part number (see below) to see if you have these communication options. Unfortunately these communication options cannot be retrofitted.


Hi Glyn :slight_smile:

I took a picture with the Kamstrup on - and wonder if it is a WIFI thing I have -
See the antenna in the bottom - or does that indicate something else…?

Regarding the EM340 - I have no idea how to identify the one I have - none of the numbers make sence to me… Allthough I went into menu and in there were some Pul Rate - not sure what it is either though… Hopefully I have not done any harm in there… LOL


On the heat meter You have the digits 21 as the last two but one digits of the model number, this should indicate you have a 2m wired mbus cable. But I can’t see this cable in your photos. Can you see a two core cable coming from the heat meter.

I’m not familer with these meters, we use the Kamstrup 403 which has user upgradeable communication modules.

Regarding the electric meter you could check to see what ports are available inside.

That’s the wireless mouse signal on the Kamstrup 302.

See post no.8 below.

Thanks, I’m assuming that mean it has wireless MBUS? The product code indicates that it’s got wired MBUS? I would expect to see a ‘30’ in the product code if it had wireless MBUS?

We need wired MBUS for heat pump monitoring since wireless MBUS does not support 10s readings.

First I was thrilled - It got MBUS - then last sentence - wont work, 10 sec. etc… :frowning:
yes it sends every 16 seconds - so not possible at all?

So what is possible with a wifi Kamstrup?

What will be needed to catch the signals?

Wireless M-bus rather than wireless mouse! Autocorrect fail.

My understanding is that little antenna icon says “wireless M-Bus active”

I could also be completely wrong. :slight_smile:

Is there a cable with 2 wires in it that is not connected to anything right now? That could be your wired M-Bus.

16s may not be too bad, we’ve not experimented with wireless mbus. It should be possible to receive the data using a receiver like this:

Transmitting as 16s could affect the battery life.

Hi Glyn

I have ordered this one:

Which supports the C1 mode it is capable of transmitting - also forund some Win software that might suit my needs on the short lane - I currently do not have the funds for the emoncms, unfortunately - could have been a blast - so I have to test/try with less for now.

I do have a Rasperyy Pi somewhere - belive it is an 3 + something… which I can try with as well if the winslow thing does not work :slight_smile:

No connections for the cables - confirmation from Kamstrup support that it indeed is a wifi unit - so going down that lane for now… :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile:

Great! Let us know how you get on

That’s a shame. As I’m sure you’re aware, wireless MBUS is not WiFi. WiFi used 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, wireless MBUS is low power RF 868Mhz.

Personally I would fit a meter with wired mbus. Not too costly. Easier than software to me!

Wireless Mbus to emoncms would be fun though!

If useful I have an old device to convert wireless to wired mbus you can have for beer money:


This will pick up the wireless signal and make it available as wired mbus. It will also allow you to enter the AES key (kamstrup meters typically send encrypted packets) and decrypt the wireless signal before making it available on the wired mbus.

You can then use the standard mbus code and dongle to read it.

Actually you might even be able to use usb directly. I’ve not tried this but I think the mbconfig software is just sending serial over the usb for programming.

Thx m8 - But I will see whats needed for the hole system - I will allocate the funds as soon as it is possible :slight_smile:

Allthough I will try to get the current Kamstrup to work :-1: