Communication error with modules 4.21

I need help with this issue, I don’t know what else I can do.

The communication with the 4.21 modules gives me an error

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First check in “Modules” if there are modules that have “Bad packet count”. If 1 or more of your modules are having “Bad packet count” than change their location in the pack to see if the error moves with it. This way you can identify possible bad modules. What kind of controller are you using?

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The error tells what the problem is.
Apparently you have an Amazing high number of 128 cell modules.

The controller is configured for 16.
I wasn’t even aware it could handle 128 cell modules!!

@stuart often gives the advice in the long thread (+3500 posts) to first connect RX and TX on the controller just to confirm communication.

After that add one cell module, and slowly build up to the number you want to use.

128 cell modules is the highest I’ve seen.
That must be quite a large installation!