Combination of Raspberry Pi and EmonTX v3

Hello Community! Iam new here on your board.

My Project ist Measuring 3 Phases of AC Current with an Arduino. The things with 433mHz Transmission are for me unnessesary. I have to code the software so, that the Arduino can control casesensitive a load.

I now that you had so much work with your EmonCMS, so I want to use this.
I have an old Raspberry Pi B at home. My question now is: can i transform your code, that i can use the Arduino Script for EmonTX v3 3 Phase - Arduinoshield?

If I understood it correctly you only have the TX, RX, SDA and SCL connection, right?

If you search the forums for “serial-direct” you will find this is a very common approach to hook up an emonTx to a Pi, depending on how many 3ph CT’s you require and how accurate you need the “real power” to be, you may even want to consider 3 emonTx’s, this has also been done many times, usually by connecting all 3 emonTx’s via USB serial adapters, but since you are using a Pi B, you could have one connected via the conventional “serial-direct” route of using the Pi’s GPIO serial port and 2 more connected to the 2 USB ports (if you are using Ethernet and not a wifi dongle).

There is no “transformation” of the code required, just a few configuration settings.

Depending on whether you go for 1 or 3 emonTx’s you may need to upload a different sketch or tweak some settings, but no real coding should be needed.