Code to make a temperature appear on another website

Hi folks,

I’m hoping some kind person will spare me a moment to answer what I think, for the right person, will be a straightforward question. I have tried searching the forums (and done a big Google search) but to no avail. I’m probably searching using the wrong keywords…

So, I have an account with various temperature feeds, etc. I want to take just ONE of these and display it on a web page. I don’t need a graph or anything fancy (although, ironically, I think I have found out how to do that!) To be absolutely clear, all I want to do is have a sentence on my (external) website that says "Current Pool Temperature is: " X, where the value of X is pulled from an feed using my API keys.

This surely must be a simple task, but clearly not a popular one as I cannot find out how to do it…

Many thanks for your time and understanding :sunglasses:


Does this thread help?

A very basic way of doing this with PHP:

       <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="10"> 
       $json = file_get_contents('');
       $feed = json_decode($json);
       echo "Current use is ".$feed;

More info on Emoncms feed API here.

That is fab. Thank you so much! I didn’t realise it could be that simple.

One more quick question: my DS18b20 chips all read temperature to hundredths of a degree, hence the feed is to two decimal places. Is there an easy/quick way to round it to one d.p., please? Sorry for asking such a numpty question, but my main experience of programming was back in the 1980s with BASIC and Fortran…

Best regards, Stuart.

For PHP you could try:

    $number = 2.7890;
    $newnumber = number_format($number, 1);
    echo $newnumber;
  ?> is a good place to look for these things, amongst others.