Circuit Setup EmonESP total solar current not reading

I recently bought and installed an Circuit Setup emonESP system for monitoring both house power usage and solar power production. While everything seems to be working. I am getting no reading on total current from emonESP on the solar side. Any ideas why this may be?

It would appear that what you have is something manufactured in the USA for the US market. It’s not an OEM product, it’s not something we have any information about and so I doubt anyone here will be able to support it. On the face of it, as 3 voltages and 4 currents are being reported, it seems to me that the software is faulty. I think you need to take this up with your supplier, they will be best placed to help because they should have the information at their fingertips.

Do you use the correct original code from or do you have a modified version?
You have keys which are not developed in the EmonESP by default.

Thats correct. Thanks for the comment

Lesley thank you for the reply. It is built by CircuitSetup and appears to be a customized version. I’m trying to take this up with them.

Come back here by all means if your supplier can’t (or won’t) help, but the knowledge and resources here are likely to be limited. It’s probably going to mean someone downloading the code and trying to work out what’s going on before they can even begin to help you, and that could take a fair degree of time and effort. And it assumes the code is available. If not, you have a real problem.

The emonESP software is released under the GNU V3 General Public License. If something has used this software or is derived from it, it should be made available.

Hi Kirk,

It appears I made an error with the total solar current calculation. This is fixed here:

yep, available here: Split-Single-Phase-Energy-Meter/Software/EmonESP at master · CircuitSetup/Split-Single-Phase-Energy-Meter · GitHub