Check my feed process please

New to this so would appreciate a quick check on how i wish to take raw pulses (1000/kWh) from a meter and log Wh & kWh.

Is the scalar for kWh in the right place on the process list to log kWh ?

Is it correct to accumulate, then scale the accumulated value and log kWh. So effectively both the Wh and kWh are accumulated values that are protected from power cycle / raw value reset?

Seems to be working ok so far!

Also managed to add a constant offset to match up the value with the meter display:

Hello @jbetech the scalar should come before the wh_accumulator process, I know that’s a bit confusing as it should really then be named kwh_accumulator. the wh_accumulator does not pass on the processed value, you Elec_kWh_pulse process will be the same as Elec_pulse_raw x0.001 + 103.65 so you may see resets over time…

Hello @TrystanLea
Thank you for looking at this for me!

When i setup the above, i looked at the wH Accumulator text and it said:
" Output: Modified value passed onto next process step."
So i assumed it was scaling the accumulated valve…


I did a quick power cycle of the board to check the feed doesnt reset as well. It remained at the accumulated value when the input reset, so i think the scaling is ok where it is?

You are right! sorry, I forgot how I implemented it :slight_smile: