Cheap PCB manufacturing and assembly. Where?

I’m looking for a company that will assemble pcbs for a fair price? (china or europe)

Need to produce a small batch of assembled pcbs (100+) and it’s impractical to do it manually.

Where are the emon products being made? @glyn.hudson, @TrystanLea, can you help?


@calypso_rae gets his PCBs manufactured somewhere in the UK - I think he uses a different manufacturer to Megni.

We use ragworm for a lot of our prototype quantity boards, they are very good

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I use Ragworm for UK supply, or Quick-teck for manufacture in China via their UK office: the cheapest I think. I’ve made my emonPI and emonTX - ok - Good for small numbers of PCB, but expensive Good production, creasy process of ordering. I’ve made emonTH here.

Time between order and deliver is about 1,5-2 months.

In the past we have used and but we have now outgrown them.

We now assemble our hardware units locally at

If you want small batch assembly that can handle variation I have heard good things about in USA. They are more manufacturing 2.0, they have a nice automated web based system

I don’t know why the European manufacturers are producing a single board for the price of 50 produced in China.
I’ve used for all my orders so far and the quality was great. Took them roughly one week to have them produced and shipped and then two more weeks for delivery.
And just to give you an example, I paid for my last order of 50pcs 35x60mm boards about US$26 plus US$14 for s/h fees. The shipping is a bit expensive but at the end of the day, you’ll end up paying ridiculously less than the european or US manufacturers. is good, They were better than some of the production boards we have used. The quality of both the boards and the stencil are great.