Charge Rate session handling change with v8

Since updating from 4.1.7 to 8.2.3 I’m having an issue with Charge Rate handling.
OpenEVSE used to retain the set Charge Rate from session to session (I think?), now it resets to maximum as soon as the car is disconnected.
Is there a way to set a default Charge Rate?
Is there a way to retain the old behaviour so it doesn’t change when disconnected?

The persistent absolute max current can be set in Settings > EVSE

Yes that’s exactly the problem.
For example I left the car on charge this morning on the minimum setting.
My significant other takes the car for a short drive and plugs it back in now it’s charging at the maximum rate not the rate I set.
Later in the day I might want to increase the current, perhaps to the maximum.
I’d like it to change when I say or at least to change to a value other than max.

Are you saying that the EVSE does not respect the absolute max current setting? This setting should be set once to match your supply and not adjusted.

The session current which is on the main user page is the one which can be adjusted on a session basis, this should now allow the current to be increased higher than the absolute system maximum.