Changing from DHCP to static IP configuration


Could someone say how change from dhcp to manual ip configuration.


Unlike this guy, we can’t read minds.

We need more info.
What Operating System? Linux, Unix, Windows?
If Linux, what distribution? e.g. Debian or a Debian offshoot like Raspbian? Ubuntu? etc.
What version? e.g. Raspian Jessie? Raspbian Wheezy? Windows 7? Window 8? etc.
Where do you want to assign the IP address? At your router or at your computer?
Wi-Fi or wired connection?

I’ve not moved from DHCP to manual before but here are a couple of articles that may help:

ModMyPi - How to give your Raspberry Pi a Static IP Address

the PiHut - How to setup a static IP address on your Raspberry Pi