Changing Default Passwords

Is there a guide on how to change ALL the default passwords (i.e. SSH, MySQL, MQTT etc) ?

Short answer, no :man_facepalming:

All are easy enough if you Google them.

You then need to update the clients of the various services as well. The emoncms settings.ini/php, emonhub.conf are the 2 that immediately come to mind.

There is a list of service credentials here, with details on changing the SSH and MQTT passwords:
Service Credentials - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

The guide needs extending to cover changing the MYSQL password and a bit more detail on the MQTT password would likely be useful.

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I had seen the list of service credentials and looking on-line for changing MySQL passwords I found 3 different methods that seem to depend on what versions of MySQL or Mariadb is in use, after trial and error I found one of those seems to work.

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