Changed the key name in t1 and can get anr readings

Doing my initial testings of the emonpi inputs I edited the key value from the original t1 (temperature sensor 1) to temperature and stoped getting any update on the readings. This still happends after change the key value to the original t1.

Any ideia who this happens and how to revert this besides a factory reset?

Thank you

That sounds like a very drastic measure.

Have you tried restarting the emonPi or flushing Redis (from the admin page)?

Was there another “t1” input created below the ones shown? If so delete that first, it may restart the original one.

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@pb66 Thank you! for the blazing fast response :ok_hand:

A quick flushing of the Redis did the trick having a new t1 sensor on the bottom of the list.

Now i feel dumb :blush:

No probs!

As a matter of interest, can you confirm the “new t1” didn’t appear until after a redis flush?

Was your emonPi fully updated at the time? What is the emonCMS version at the foot of the page?

The “new t1” apeared after the redis flush.
and i’m on low-write 9.8.27 | 2017.12.21

Ok, thanks for letting us know. This is therefore linked to the known issue with new emoncms inputs not being created via mqtt.

Basically by renaming the “t1” input to “temperature”, you effectively removed the “t1” input so when the input was next updated via MQTT what should have happened was phpmqtt_input.php should have created a new input “t1” since there was no existing input with that name.

Had that happened, you would have seen the new “t1” input pop-up immediately when the older/renamed “temperature” input stop updating and all would (hopefully) have made sense.

An alternative to a Redis flush would probably have been to restart the mqtt_input service as that is the current fix for “new mqtt inputs not appearing in emoncms” issues.