Change feed engine

I have created feeds from the inputs using the fixed feed engine with 10 second (default) interval.
Some of the feeds I would like to use variable timing.
How can I edit the feed timing from fixed to variable without recreating the feeds?

I’m afraid you cannot. In a fixed-interval feed, only the starting time and interval is recorded, the time for each data point is calculated from its position in the file and those two values. In the variable-interval file, the time and the data are recorded in pairs.

As far as I know, the way to do this is, on the Feeds page, you will need to create a new Variable Interval Timeseries feed and import the old feed by copying and pasting it as CSV.
(Disclaimer: I’ve never had the need to do this, and it looks horribly messy and error-prone.)

Thanks for the reply.
Since I dont’ want to mess things up, the most straightforward way for me would be to create new feeds with the variable timeseries, and just use those.

Just for my FYI, where would I find the old feed to import as a CSV?
Would I use the “import data” option?

The download is in the top bar on the Feeds page (use the tickbox to select the feed) and the Import is at the bottom of that same page.

AHHA!!! I found it!
Thank you!