Carbon intensity

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There are a bunch of sites claiming to show the carbon intensity of the grid Drax Electric Insights etc.

I would really like to be able to use this data in emoncms. I look at the “my solar” app all day long to demand shift. It would be great to be able to see the data in gCO2/h as well as W. Is this possible/easy/desirable?


Hello @bwduncan

Im pulling in the carbonintensity forecast in the demandshaper module for day ahead scheduling Emoncms Demand Shaper Module (beta) - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor but I agree it could be useful to see this within the apps as well…

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First question, which carbon intensity index?

Second, perhaps a list of standard feeds could be created, so If I want to pull in the carbon intensity to a local feed, to compare against other data, it is just a few clicks. Could do the same for Octopus Agile and I am sure there are others.