Can't update


Can someone help me please.

I have version low-write 10.0.2 and can’t update… I have the following error.

Starting update via (v2.0) >
- emonSD version: emonSD-30Oct18
ERROR: emonSD base image old or undefined...update will not continue
See latest verson:
Stopping update

Thanks in advance!

Can you try updating again? I think the message is misleading, we can see it knows it is the emonSD-30Oct18 image and we know that image is on the safe list. I suspect the version check function failed for another reason and just resulted in the same message eg if there was a network issue and the online safe list couldn’t be retrieved via curl at that exact moment it wouldn’t retry or abort or even tell you that, it simply wouldn’t be able to match the version and so it would tell you your version is too old.

Now it’s even worst, it’s not working well…

Please see attached. I have emoncms and I have SMA which is working fine.

Please help, I’m deseperated.

Hello @jneves did you try updating again? did it give the same error that you listed above?

Yes. Same issue. I even rebooted twice.

Thanks @jneves I’m not sure what is going wrong with the update, what is the problem with the dashboard that you see? is it that the values dont match your SMA interface? are the inputs and feeds updating?

Do you think I ca. Have remote support live? Tesmviewer or so and I explain by showing?

I have 2 separate systems. The sma and emonpi.

Now I only know that after trying the update which failed, my emopi is not working proprely anymore…

Hello @jneves could you describe the problem in more detail? What exactly is not working? I cant do teamviewer or similar unfortunately.

Is it possible something is blocking access to ? Like a firewall or proxy, Pi-Hole perhaps?

(see emonPi Image update? for what appears to be an identical issue)

@TrystanLea, just tested on my system by adding the domain to my PiHole and the curl now returns no data. I suggest the update script includes a check that the curl does actually return data so the error message gives a better indication of any issues.