Can't reinstall and configure emonCMS after broken sd-card

In Januari 2019 I bought an emonTXv3, with the 'ESP8266 WiFi Adapter for EmonTx ’ also called emonESP. Since the initial problem I had that time, this has worked perfectly.
But now i have a broken sd-card tn the Raspberry Pi3 which i use for emonCMS.

So, i took a new sd-card and installed emoCMS (latest version: low-write 11.3.22 on it and tried to get everything working again. Since I hardly touched the system in the last 4 years, I feel like I have to learn this al over again…
OK, eemonCMS is running and with the use of the Read and Write key, I got the communication between the emonTX/ESP8266 working again.

My problem is, I am not able to correctly set-up the Feeds. I tried to follow the Tutorial ‘EmonPi Solar PV Setup | Emoncms V10’ ( from I beleave @ TrystanLea, but it does not work like that on my ststem.

I followed the Video where at 2.05 min. you selected: ‘EmonPi, Solar PV Type 2’. In my case I selected ‘EmonTX Solar PV Type 2’, because i have an emonTX3…

This is my input page:

Where ct1 = Grid, ct2 = Solar and ct3 = Charching connection to the EV.

And the Feeds look like this:

But the result is what you see in the pictures above: I get added: power1 and power2, which does nothing… BTW, I tried also to use the ‘EmonPi, Solar PV Type 2’ but that did not help also.

Please can anyone help me or explaint to me what I do wrong, or what is different between version 10 (used in the video) and the current version of emonCMS.

Looking forward to your anser and/or sugessions
Kind regards. Bert

Hello @deltabert

You need to move the ‘power1’ input processes over to the working input ‘ct1’ above and then repeat the same for the other inputs e.g move power2 to ct2. It should then work fine.

@TrystanLea ,
I read the content of the ‘power1’ and ‘power2’ inputs and tried to configure these in the ‘c1’ and ‘c2’ inputs.
That did not work; it says these feeds already exixts.
So, next, I made copies in paper from the ‘power1’ and ‘power2’ inputs, then I deleted these inputs.
Now i try to configure the ‘c1’ and ‘c2’ inputs, but I’l get this error message:

I tried this several times, reinstalled the emonCMS software again on the sd-card to start with a clean situation, but every time I end up with this situation.
BTW, I follow also your instructions here.

What am I doing wrong? Please, I do’nt know what to do with this.

You cannot create a Feed with a name that already exists. But you can choose an existing Feed and send data to it. And it looks as if, fortunately or otherwise, you didn’t delete all your historical data.

So on the Inputs page and in the Input process list (spanner icon), where you see Feed and CREATE NEW is the first item in the drop-down list, select from that list the Feed you had previously. Obviously you can’t change anything about the Feed now (you can never alter the properties of a Feed once it has been created), all you can do is add the process ‘Log to feed’ to the list and save it.

The new data stream will carry on, there will be a time gap of NULL values (no data at all), but otherwise essentially from where the old one left off.

Hi @Robert.Wall
Thank you for your explanation. I was confused because there are a number of default Feeds specified; use, use_kwh, solar, solar_kwh, import and import_kwh. So I thought that my data from the input page created Feeds should be in these Feeds.
But now I have the c1, c2 and c3 Feeds in the Feeds page.

What you mentioned about my historical data, I am afraid that does not apply; unfortunately, I lost that data because my sd-card was broken. That’s why I had to recreate everything from start.

Sorry, I really don’t understant why the default Feed names apear, when one can’t use them…
But I have my Feeds again. Thank you for helping me out.
Kind regards, Bert

This appears to be a new “feature” that has recently appeared with no documentation or explanation that I’ve found (yet), and you’re the second person I know of who has been caused a lot of trouble by it. I might be wrong because all I know is what I experienced with hundreds of ‘Ghost’ feeds created, and what you and the other person has written, but it appears that when something goes wrong, the old and working Feeds are ignored and new ones with new names are created. This seems more trouble than it’s worth. I believe it’s near the top of the emonhub.conf file, and changing autoconf = 1 to autoconf = 0 will stop it happening. It’s not in emonCMS 10.x

I think you CAN use the existing Feed, but you CANNOT create a new Feed with the same name as an existing one.

The old, tried and tested way before Trystan tried to make it automatic was to have the data come in to emonHub, create or edit your emonhub.conf file to tell it what the data structure was and give it names, then it would appear on the Inputs page - or if it came in via your LAN, the format was such that it had the names attached and it would appear on the Inputs page directly. Then you wrote the processes (scale, accumulate, whatever) necessary and with this done, you wrote the value ‘Log to feed’ into the database. It was all done manually and once you understood the process, you were in control.

If you don’t want those automatically created Feeds and they remain empty, on the Feeds page you can delete them. Or, if you want to use them, pick the one you want from the list when you do Log to feed.