Can't reach the emonPi input data

I’m working on a project using the Emon technology.
I’m just starting to handle it. My problem today consist on reaching emonPi from the emoncms page.
EmonPi is correctly measuring the current but nothing is sended to our emonapp.

I’m open for any advice.
Jean-Marc Bocandé

Welcome, Jean-Marc, to the OEM forum.

I think we need more information about what you are trying to do.

EmonPi is the metal box of electronics, emonCMS is software. Are you using emonCMS at, or are you using your local version of emonCMS which is running on your emonPi? The two versions are nearly the same, but they are completely separate (different user names, different passwords, etc. You can tell your local emonCMS to send data to

I do not understand what

is? Could you explain what you mean by this?

If you are measuring current, you must be seeing numbers on the “Inputs” page of emonCMS. To do any more, you must decide what want to do with the data.

I think you should start here with the guide to configuring emonCMS: emonCMS user guide — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation

The data flows through the software like this:

Voltage, power and energy values are received by emonHub. This verifies the data and sends it to the Inputs page.

On the Inputs page, you can scale the values, add and subtract, accumulate power and convert to total energy over time, etc. Most importantly, you can (and normally you will) send the values to a Feed.

A Feed is the database. You define the properties when you create it on the Inputs page - how often it stores the value, for example. When you have the data in a Feed, you can do useful things with it. If you do not send it to a feed, it disappears for ever.

A Dashboard is a display of data - you create it with the graphics you want, can connect to Feeds to see what is happening in real time, or you can use Graphs to view what happened in the past. You can also use “My Electric” (etc) apps to see what is happening - these also get their information from the Feeds.

There is more details in Emoncms Core Concepts — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation

Thanks for your quick response !

I’m using emonCMS at I connected the emonPi as showed in the guide but then the data can’t be seen in the input page of the emon website.
Thanks for the link and the explanation, it will probably help me. I’ll read this and come back if the problem cannot be resolved.

First question - why are you sending the data to (There are good reasons - I’m just making sure you know why you’re doing it.)

OK, to send the data, you need to go into emonhub.conf (via the Browser Setup → Emonhub → Edit Config (the red tab) and under the section
put in the API key from (on the Input API Help page) and change senddata = 0 to senddata = 1

Then data should start to flow.
Nothing you’ve set up locally will be copied/mirrored/appear on - at the risk of repeating myself, the local and the ‘cloud’ instances are totally separate.

Thank you, I solved the problem by connecting in local following your advice.
Unfortunately, I’m again stuck. Maybe you can help me.
All my emponpi’s inputs are inactive but I still receive datas.
I’d like to switch them into active state but I don’t know how.
Because, for the moment I can’t visualize those data.

I think this is probably a clock problem. Check that your Raspberry Pi itself, emonCMS and the computer you are using to view to page are all set to the same time zone and show the same clock time. If this is not the problem, someone who knows emonCMS better than I do will need to help you.

You cannot do this, it is automatic.