Cant reach page for

Is the Energy Monitor app not working today?. My PC cant find the webpage. Is this normal?, does this happen occasionally?. Access to the site has been perfect since joining 7days ago and today my pc cant find the page. Can anyone please shed any light on this for me?. Thanks Lyndon

I’ve accessed the server and logged in - since you posted.

Is it just

Hiya very strange, must be a fault at my end…Thanks for the quick response

I only use

It could be your ISP - obviously you can access :smile:

I’m not a networking expert, so I can’t offer much more.

I will try again in the morning and if I still cant access it, I will investigate further. Funny thing is I have changed nothing and everything was working perfectly.

Thanks again


@TrystanLea looks after, so if you put an “@mention” in like I have here, he’ll get a notification and be able to check from his end.


Hello @Bigred it might be worth trying to restart your internet router, it could be a local DNS issue… You should be able to access via an internet proxy as a test.

Hello Lee, I can reach the home page for but I have forgotten to take a note of my log in details (silly me), I cant remember my User Name or Account name. How do I obtain a reminder of them please?, so I can then press Forgot Password and hopefully reset my password and gain entry again to the monitoring platform account. Everything else in our house on WIFI is working perfectly ie, CCTV, Nest Heating, social media, Sky, not issues anywhere.



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