Can't login through dataplicity wormhole

Seem to be stuck here, checked logs and can’t figure it out

Bump… Anyone successfully using dataplicity wormhole to access emoncms?

Just had a go and I get a page with most of the icons and images missing.

My guess is the rewrite rules for the server need amending to cope with external access. The other issue is that the wormhole is an HTTPS connection that is obviously untrusted (no SLL cert on the emoncms side) and that may be upsetting the rewrite as well.

I like Dataplicity but I’m not sure I like the Dataplicity wormhole. Anyone with that link can access the page, machine and the length of the first part of the URL would not be that difficult to hack by brute force.

If you want external access I’d look at using OpenVPN and a NoIP domain.

I tried this a while back and could get nowhere with it. Slightly different error I think, but equally unhelpful. I even tried asking the Dataplicity support line but no help there either.

This issue with wormhole https re-direct has not been fixed. The issue was at datplicitys end not correctly presenting itsself to the emonpi as a https proxy. They have now fixed this issue and wormhole works great again :smiley:

Note: Dataplicity has implementing a hotfix to fix this issue. If there are are issues reporting over the weekend they may need to regress the fix while issues are investigated but it looks good at the moment. If it dosent work for you yet please give dataplicity some time to fix this. The fix is coming!

I’ve been working with Dataplicity today for a number of hours to resolve this, they have been really great. Please support them if you can by considering taking out a $3/month paid plan to have multiple device access.

I’ve also tested setting up dataplicity using our off-the-shelf emonSD-26Oct17. It works great. Really simple setup using the setups outlined by @Radoslav_dataplicity on this thread:

Just tried it again after Glyn’s efforts and it works a treat.
Thanks so much for your effort Glyn.

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I’ve always found them to be really helpful and receptive.

The bit that concerns me over the Wormhole, is the obfuscation string is very short (10 characters) and would not take long to break by brute force I feel. If you do use it it needs some robust defences on the inside as well.

Thanks All !
Working now

The user is still required to loginto Emoncms in the same way as usual (over https), therefore I would consider use of dataplicity an added security layer ontop of the secure Emoncms login.

Agreed, but what brute force protection is there within that logon? It also requires robust security on the underlying OS. How many people change the default password on an EmonPi image I wonder? How often do they run update & upgrade?

The security of the Emoncms login has been extensively tested. There is no default Emoncms password set on emonPi, users must create their own account on first bootup. The security login of Emoncms running on emonPi is the same as This is a discussion for another thread. Please start a new topic if you wish to further discuss.

I’m trying to set up Dataplicity on my emonPi; I followed the instructions in the OEM Guide Remote Access - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor , but every time I use the wormhole url & fill in my emonpi.local username and password it says it/they are incorrect.

I presume that I am right to use the same log in credentials as when I log in to emonpi.local locally?

Yr presumption is incorrect, I think.
I use dataplicity and have to use my email and a password that I set up with dataplicity.

In the EmonCMS web login?

Go to
Enter email and password aready set up with dataplicity
This brings up the list of emon devices which have the dataplicity agent installed
Select device & use emon user/password to access emonTx/emonPi device

Yes that was my point - it is 2 stageprocess; one to get into dataplicity wormhole and second stage to log into the EmonCMS instance and they will (probably) have different credentials.

I am having some network issues at the moment, so can’t re-check, but I know that Dataplicity initially needs its own login details, but after clicking on the wormhole url and being presented by the “normal” (light blue & white) emonCMS log in screen, the other day it wouldn’t work for me. I tried my emonpi.local details (& my login details to be sure) but neither worked.

Hopefully my network will come back up later today, and when I does I will try again.

I’m not sure why you would expect the details from one system to work on a different system. A username and password (unless the combination you use is always the same) will only work on the system they are tied to.

I didn’t - but I just tried all of the combinations I have. (I have loads in 1Password, and ordinarily keep very good records). Anyway, by following the instructions in Wrong emonpi login I have been able to reset my emoncms.local password, and I can now access it via a LAN IP and also through a Dataplicity wormhole. So I’m happy once again!

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I have now managed to log in to my emonpi.local via Dataplicity when away from home. But is there a secure way to access the data within the Emon iOS App, as opposed to the web browser interface?

Or is it just a just a matter of using my static external IP address and doing some Port Forwarding within my Unifi router?


PS By the way, ever since I set up Apple Airport Expresses next to each of my three EmonTx / ESP8266 combinations, my system has been reporting steadily. Really pleased now that the initial problems seem to be a thing of the past :grinning: