Can't login on localhost after updating emonpi to v9.8.27

Hi There,
after 10 months of flawless run of my emonpy, I decided to update to v9.8.27, just to keep the thing up to date. After updating (trought setup-update) and rebooting, when trying to login with my usual credentials I got a “Database error, you may need to run database update” error.
Point is that I haven’t a clue on how to update my database without being able to login.

I can log-in without problem trough and I can even see my app page trough localhost

Any help would be highly appreciated


You can update your database via SSH maybe that helps: Updating the database - #2 by pb66

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Oh dear, the database should have been updated as part of the update process. As @Simsala very kindly mentioned it is possible to do it manually via SSH.

Do you know what version Emoncms you were updating from?

Would it be possible to post a copy of your update log file? This will let us debug what went wrong during the update process. The update log can be downloaded from the admin interface or obtained via SSH if you can’t login, the update file is located in /home/pi/data/emonpiupdate.log

I managed to fix thanks to @Simsala suggested procedure.
I’m attaching the log file in case you wanna dig into the issue (just rename txt into log)



emonpiupdate.log.txt (37.1 KB)

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Looking at your update log file it looks like the update did not finish properly. Could the unit have been interrupted updating by a system reboot, power loss or network loss?

I recomend running emonPi update again.