Cant log in to PI locally

I have just got my emonPi I have managed to get it running locally, and have just got my key and edited the script on the remote site. Trying to log back in to my Pi locally I get the message Username does not exist, despite not having changed my username or password which both still work fine on the remote site. can anyone please help


By ‘remote site’ do you mean

The user login for that site and a local EmonPi will be different.

When first logging into an EmonPi, you need to click register as there is no user until you create one.

Hi Thanks for the quick response I mean logging in to which takes me to the password screen where I enter the password and username I used when I first booted it up and registered
Screenshot 2019-05-08 21.06.30.pdf (49.0 KB)

Looks like you have had finger trouble :frowning: and not registered what you thought you registered as the username.

There is a password reset script but without the right username it is not much use. @pb66, is there a way to interrogate the database directly?

No I have logged into it a earlier with that Username and password

Do you know the readwrite apikey for the local instance?

If you do you can get /confirm the right user name via an api call

There is, but if you have ssh access it’s easier to just read the apikey from emonhub.conf to use in the api call above. Once you have the right username, it’s easier to use the password reset tool than try and extract/decypher the existing password.

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Any idea what I can do

??? read the previous post and tell us if you have the apikey and/or ssh access could be a start.

Yes it’s fixable, worse case, you’ll need to gain ssh access and fetch the apikey from a config file if you do not have it to hand. We can walk you through it if you need help but we need to know what you have and what you are ok with doing yourself to know where to start.

You were right it was a typo one missed word I can stop pulling my hair out now, I have no experience whatever in what you are discussing, at least I will be able to sleep tonight. Many thanks for your help

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