Can't get through to OpenEVSE for support / warranty. Might have to chargeback

Got an advanced kit in October. Right away it was throwing temperature errors, figured out the sensor was on the LCD screen, and realized half the solder pads on the PCB were bone dry and the sensor was making intermitten contact.

Submitted a ticket, waited 2-3 weeks, nothing.

Found a post here that said the ticket system doesn’t work, to call them instead. I did, and they guy answered. Explained the PCBs are hand populated and the stencils wear out and stop apply solder correctly. Cool. I guess. He sent me a new one, screen and temperature work now.

Except 80% of the times i try and start a charge, the unit will make two contactor clicks (engage and quickly disengage) and will be completely frozen. Won’t respond to wifi commands, screen will say connected even though it’s not. I have to power cycle the charge to get it to be alive, and then try again. Sometimes it takes 4-5 tries of this to get a charge started.

So it sounds like the main board has solder problems too (like the surge of the contactor is locking up the MCU because of lack of filtering) and want it replaced too. Except now calling doesn’t work. I’ve tried it a half a dozen times, over 3-4 days. Always goes to voicemail, but the voicemail box is full.

Anyone have any other suggestions before I call my Credit Card to do a charge back?

From where?

From their website. www. openevse .com

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Got a response! Finally!
Says he was out for a week, though i. Wish he would have had an outgoing message on his voicemail about being out, and maybe voicemail that worked. Not to mention the website ticket system that never moves…