Can't create any input -> Spinner never ends


I am new to emoncms, I installed it on a Debian VM on a ESXi Server.

I opened a Issue at Github, user @borpin told us to use this forum.

Short Version: User @gitmeister and I do have a problem to create inputs after a fresh installation, the spinner while loading the page never ends, all detail on Github.

More details at Github

What instructions did you follow?

Please post the details from the Server Information click on Copy as Markdown and paste here (no further formatting required).

You do not actually create inputs, they are detected by EmonCMS (either as HTTP or MQTT data) and you then use those inputs to create Feeds.

What data do you expect to see?

Same issue here on RPi3 B+ pre-built image. Just spins when I go to add my CircuitSetup device.

Need more information. What data do you expect to see? Is it coming from an MQTT feed?

This is now fixed in the emoncms master branch and will be merged into stable shortly