Can't connect to emonBase with ssh

My second thread :slight_smile: This time about real hardware! After all the help I received on the forum about what to buy, I ordered it yesterday and it arrived this morning. Brilliant service, thanks.

Anyway, I’m following the guide to get going and have started by powering up the emonBase, connected by ethernet cable to my network. It came up and I’ve given it a static IP address on my router. I went to http://emonpi/ and created myself an emoncms user. All good so far …

Well, except for one quibble. It’s connected by http and doesn’t seem to support https, so my username and password are sent in the clear.

Anyway, pressing on I got to the part on 1. Connect - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor where it discusses setting up a static IP and decided I’d try ssh anyway just for the sake of it, but I’m not having much luck:

$ ssh [email protected]
ssh: connect to host emonpi port 22: Connection refused
$ ping emonpi
PING emonpi.lan ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from emonpi.lan ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.367 ms

When I search online I don’t find emonpi specific links but there are raspberry pi ones that say ssh is disabled by default in recent raspbian releases. Is this my problem, perhaps?

If so, is there any way to enable it other than attach a keyboard and screen?

Thanks for that, Paul. I guess I’ll get to investigate if any of my SD card readers actually work. FWIW, that thread didn’t turn up either in google or in the suggestions this site made whilst I was typing :frowning:

Given that emoncms sends passwords in the clear, I’m not sure disabling ssh is going to help much!

As you’ll see from the above link, there were very mixed views about implementing this process.
I guess from your personal experience, that has not been helpful.

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See our user guide page for how to enable and connect via SSH: Service Credentials - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

Indeed, not at all. I’ve now discovered that neither of my card readers can accept a microSD so I guess I’m stuck with finding a monitor and keyboard. It’s all a load more hassle than I was expecting.

It took me a while to discover how to even shut the emonBase down, via a button in the emoncms system. So why can’t there also be a button to create the ssh file as well?

Adapters are available. However, one I got that was bundled with the microSD card was not reliable, so if you’re buying, get a good one. I can’t help with advice about which are reliable though.

Thanks Robert. It seems I don’t have a spare HDMI lead either so I can’t connect a monitor. Looks like I’ll be going shopping for one or the other tomorrow. Not quite plug and play.

And the " Or pressing and holding the emonPi LCD push-button for 5 seconds: " didn’t work?

(Not that I’ve tried it.)

It’s an emonBase not an emonPi! Attention seems to have been focussed on just one of the two products.

I ought to look at the thread title - sorry. It seems that was a huge oversight when this change was made.

@Robert.Wall I’m not at home & working from my phone… Do we know which pin that the emonpi switch is wired to, and does it go high or low?
I was thinking that to save Dave the hassle, maybe change the state on the pin for 5 seconds using a bit of wire, to simulate the emonpi switch?

I’ve no idea, or does it send via serial? The button goes into the “emon” module as far as I’m aware, and that’s the part Dave doesn’t have. It might come out again as a Digital Output, I’m about to check.

(Checking: Why two directories, one called ATmega328 and one called firmware? ? I’m guessing “firmware” is the one in use as it is dated 17th of this month. :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: )

The push-button does only go into the “emon”, but D5 goes to GPIO 17. That could be it, I’ll look at the software.

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I did try this the other day but without any luck, not sure why. Happy to look at the software @Robert.Wall to save you the work.

If you know where to start looking, you’ll be one step ahead of me. :grinning:

Its here: emonpi/ at master · openenergymonitor/emonpi · GitHub

emonPi LCD push button Pin 16 GPIO 23

Here’s the raspberrypi GPIO pinout:

I’d just found the Header labelled “LCD Push Button I2C” - but there’s no push-button on the drawing. Now this is confusing.

It’s because the push button is not on the PCB on the EmonPi. Its a separate component. The button connects Pin 16 GPIO 23 to 3.3V.

Not an excuse. It should still be on a drawing, if not that one. It needs to show the connections, and the fact that it’s push-to-make. Without that, you must have and take apart a working emonPi to find out what is needed.

There should be an overall schematic showing all the interconnections between the modules and to the outside world.

So if @djh jumpers GPIO23 to +3.3 V for 5 s, he should get SSH enabled? But it didn’t work for you?

No I did not get it to work with a wire link, but Im not sure why, I meant to ask @glyn.hudson about it, but found my SD card reader in the end :slight_smile: