Can't add more than 32 nodes to my account?


I just ran into a node limit issue that I was not aware of. (see the message below). As I expect to have several hundred nodes associated with this account, what is the process to expand the limit or suggestions for a workaround?


Please advise.



@TrystanLea controls, he will be able to advise you.

One thing I have noticed with emonPi2 is it creates a separate node for the Temperature Sensors (see screenshot below), whereas, in my emonBase and TX4, it was all part of the same node. Therefore, each emonPi2 will now have two nodes, which reduces the number of locations I can have in the same account, from 32 to 16.


I just experimented with changing the nodename = sensors to be the same as the nodename for my emonPi2 and it then placed the temperature sensors into the emonPi2 node, which is good as my node limit is no longer halved.


This now creates a new work project to download all the data, revise the nodename and create new feeds, and then upload the downloaded data to the new feed (I just tried to do this and ran into an “out of memory error” in emonCMS on the emonPi2.) - this is another problem to tackle.

So, this begs the question. If nodes are limited in a given account, why create new nodes unnecessarily for temperature probes?

Lastly, in looking at posts from several years back, it seems that the 32 node limit was related to RF frequency (eg 433MHz). That may make sense for nodes attached to an emonBase using RF, all of my devices are emonPi2s connected via WiFi or ethernet, so why is there still a 32 node limit for emonCMS?

@TrystanLea - I need your assistance to expand the node limit or have a way to create sub accounts under users. (Today I have a master billing account, with user accounts under the master account. One of my user accounts will have several hundred nodes).

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Hello @grod55 apologies for the delay. This is a settings based hard limit on I have increased it to 100 nodes now. Hope that helps!