Cannot edit emonhub.conf, always overwritten on reboot

I have 2 x emonpi’s running, one publishes to the other which does all the feed calculations etc.

The older (2015 image one) constantly overwrites the emonhub.conf file when every it gets reset - which happens every so often with power outages.

It’s driving me insane, I edit the file, either through the web interface, or using ssh and nano, or winscp and uploading a new one directly, then on reboot it goes back to the old version.

The version it reverts to is my previous version, not the default one.

Any ideas?

Hello @George_Commins when you edit via ssh, what is the location of the emonhub.conf file that your editing? Sounds like its saving to a temporary filesystem somehow. Can you show the result of:

$ df -h