Cannot download emonhub logs

I click on Setup > Emonhub, which takes me to http://emonpi.local/emoncms/config/view.

I click on Download Log, and I get a file which contains only the following line:

/var/log/emonhub/emonhub.log does not exist!

Instead of the actual logs.

See this thread (specifically the last line of the last post):

Assuming you are on an EmonPi, run the EmonPi update and it should correct the issue.

There has been no changes to the emoncms/config repo since that “we still need to fix” post was written.

The code still tries to access the log file that no longer exists

OK, I mistakenly thought I was still seeing the emonhub.log in the logs folder (can’t check) but that the logging was being replicated in the syslog thus exacerbating the filling up log folder issue.