Cannot add process "Publish to MQTT" to input


On the emoncms version low-write 9.8.24 | 2017.11.27 i cannot add the process “Publish to MQTT” to an input with content “node2/amps”, it displays the following error: ERROR: Could not save processlist. Invalid characters in arg
The char it is complaining is the “/”.


I think @TrystanLea is aware of this and will fix soon, see github issue

@TrystanLea @pb66 The same change needs to be made to the feed process (MQTT and email processes should be unavailable to feed processing · Issue #854 · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub)

Hi Matt, I have just replied to the github issue you raised.

I’m wondering if you are likely to get the results you expect if you call the publish to mqtt process from a virtual feed.