Can you 'load' nulls in BULK json upload format to


I am processing emontx 2 data and uploading to using the BULK json upload format.

Some of the inputs I send to PHPFINA feeds and some to PHPTIMESERIES feeds - the later for infrequent pulse data.

Is there a way in the format to send nulls for inputs configured to go to PHPTIMESERIES feed.

Something like


So PHPFINA three posts 29 - 45 - 20
PHPTIMESERIES one post 21337 (so nulls post nothing for that timestamp).


Yes you can pass nulls to the bulk api OR in your example


will also work by putting the values in a payload that puts the “updated every send” values first with the lesser updated values at the end will allow you to just send a partial frame in between full frames.

if the irregular updated value is not at the end, you can just use null in the url string see Selectable input updates by pb66 · Pull Request #268 · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub
emoncms input api issue | Archived Forum

you can see in that last link it is easy to set up a test on an unused node id and just delete the inputs afterwards.

EDIT - I just looked into why this might not work on and found the changes never got that far so this will only work on self hosted as the code is different

the main repo is

the site has this

Thanks for the update. That explains why null is not working for me.

As does not have this feature yet I have coded in my BASH script to detect the pulse, slice of the data and post using BULK format to a separate node id. So this node id gets infrequent posts which process well into a PHPTIMESERIES feed.

I actually needed a bit of code for my pulse count values to graph well. A pulse is posted as a BULK upload with a 0 at timestamp-10s, the pulse count at timestamp and a 0 at timestamp+10s. My gas pulse rate is so slow this is OK as there is never a pulse 10s after a pulse - the smallest gap I see is 50s.

Any idea if is going to get the change to support nulls?

Thanks again.