Can you help me identify what this is?!

I found this in a black box in my loft:

There are also 8 C batteries connected to this, a 2-prong cable coming out of the box not connected to anything, and a white cable connecting into the section called “BELLBOX” on the right there. I can’t quite trace where that cable goes yet - but far off into the loft somewhere underneath a load of loft insulation.

I thought, what better place than here to find some electronics geeks to help me figure out what it is!

I think “Bellbox”, “Rx” and “Ant”, the TDA 7010 and the 8 batteries are good clues. I think it is a radio remote control for a burglar alarm. If you or a previous occupier haven’t got or had a burglar alarm, then I haven’t got a clue.

Yeh I’m pretty sure you’re right. Someone pointed out to me that “Century Security” is a British alarm company. So it could be to do with that.

The house does have an alarm, but it’s a Banham. Although, it could be that was an upgrade to the original system.

And this box seems really hokey. Like it’s a DIY job. But then that was pointed out to me that it could have just been what it was like back then! (PCB shows 1997)